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I am a runner

I am a runner, running takes me to my happy place.  Running keeps me “sane”. 😉 No one, and I mean NO ONE can take that from me. I’ve been lucky enough to experience the camaraderie of running a marathon, the bonding with runners AND spectators, who you’ve never met before and may never see... Read more »

Celebrate National Infertility Awareness Month

I am “1 in 6”. I am one of the 7.3 million that infertility affected.  I am one of the lucky ones; I am an infertility “survivor”.  I write this to honor and support the women currently on their infertility journey. I was open about my infertility struggle.  I am proud of my struggle.  I... Read more »

Confession: I am superstitious.

Yes, I am that weirdo that will only pick up a penny if it’s HEADS up (and why I even bend down to pick up the penny, that’s a whole other post). I recently looked up the 13 most common superstitions and sadly I believe in most of them 😉 1) Friday the 13th –... Read more »