The Rio de Janeiro Organizing Committee Lied

As pointed out previously, Rio de Janeiro has started and stopped efforts for decades to clean the waters of Guanabara Bay under the Christ the Redeemer statue up on Sugar Loaf mountain.  Each time they failed.  It is a combination of lack of political will and corruption.

Along comes the 2016 Olympics, Rio de Janeiro makes another grandious statement about how they will clean the bay’s waters.

Time magazine listed the Top 4 challenges Rio de Janeiro has with less than 500 days to the opening ceremonies.

What is #1?  The polluted Sailing Venue in Guanabara Bay.

According to the April 4, 2015 Time article, Mario Moscatelli, a biologist and outspoken bay advocate, says

“They never intended to fulfill this promise and tells TIME they “simply lied” to get the Olympic bid.”

So who cares that the Bid Book to host the Games was full of fiction or lies?  Not me.  The solution is simple.  The International Sailing Federation must set an example for this Olympiad and all future Olympiad’s that it does not require a promise of clean water in the future, that the water must be clean at the time of the Bid, years before the Olympics occurs.

Start now, sail it in clean water and stop supporting polluted water venues.

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