Things Die in Guanabara Bay, Where the 2016 Sailing Olympics Is to be Held

A friend of a friend is 100% sure an Olympic Sailing Athlete will die competing in Guanabara Bay due to the pollution.  Between Google and Google Translate, I thought it would be interesting to study what deaths might have occurred in Guanabara Bay?

  • Twice in the past year there have been massive fish die offs (Yahoo news).
  • There used to be 400 dolphins in the bay, today there are 40 and declining (Jornal da Band).
  • Turtles are dying off (Justica Global Brasil).
  • At least two Fisherman who lead protests against the building of another oil refinery on Guanabara Bay having suffered oil spills previously that shut down their livelihood have been murdered (Front Line Defenders).

Common sense would suggest that long term exposure to the Bay’s waters are unhealthy for its normal animal inhabitants.

So I looked for human deaths.  Unfortunately Rio has over 50,000 murders a year, more than 150 per day, mainly in the poor areas of the City.  I suspect that if anyone died as a result of a swim in the bay’s waters that it wouldn’t make the news with the overwhelming murder problem in the City.

I wished I could explain what is wrong with the International Olympic Committee, the International Sailing Federation, and the Member National Authorities who have the responsibility to assure the safety of humans.  Do they not care?

Or is it if they protest the pollution in Guanabara Bay that they might disappear in this incredibly violent sphere?

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