Restore a Sailboat - June 2020

WelcomeObviously something is missing at this point: The boat is not in the water.

Once Covid began, it was very clear to me that group activities were gone for 12 to 18 months. I could not see that a summer of sailing and racing were going to occur. Chicago’s Mayor has been firm about social distancing, and being on the waterfront is everyone’s dream, whether boating, or beach going. Along came protests which pushed boating even further away from happening.

Our family’s big gathering of the year is the Chicago Mackinac Race which occurs in mid-July. Once that was canceled, our dreams were put on hold. The last time it was cancelled was in World War II.

While Chicago hints that a boating season will occur, they just announced the harbors will open June 22. We had already chose not launch the boat this year.

Regardless, Kenneth Grahame wrote, “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” Trust me, he’s right! Even without a sailing season, I just keep playing with the boat anyway.

I’ve been terrible taking pictures throughout this series, leaving the descriptions of the work done to words. It’s time for some pictures –









































































































































































































































































































317. Stripped the remaining wood on deck that hasn’t been treated yet, sanded, bleached and put 3 coats of Cetol on, plus put a maintenance coat on the wood restored last year.

318. Painted the remaining white parts of the deck that hasn’t been painted since we got the boat.

319. Re-installed the side dock cleats, pad eyes to hold lifeline strings on the bow, forward and middle hatches, two turning blocks.

320. Put new non-skid on the stairs.

321. Miscellaneous: washed the deck, the floor down below, used up the remaining VC-17 on the bottom.


The next owner is really going to enjoy this boat.

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