I Have a Dream Too

I Have a Dream Too

It begins wondering what Dr. Martin Luther King would do and say today.

I won’t or cannot pretend to understand the difficulties of blacks in America today. I read from the Chicago Tribune’s Laura Washington who understands and tries to explain the case. I could listen to her for hours. The amazing Henry Louis Gates, Jr. with his efforts of explaining the history of the blacks through today, and the difficult thought that he once was arrested for attempting to break into his own home offers a tiny bit of light of the plight. When one black friend said, “Mr. McCarthy, blacks wished they weren’t born black,” that took me aback so far. I could not ever think that I or anyone else I ever knew would say, “whites wished they weren’t born white.” Strenuously I try to understand and listen to the difficulties of blacks today, and there’s no doubt that you need to walk a mile in their shoes to have a glimpse.

I have not heard a sole say that Ex-Policeman Derek Chauvin was right. Americans are in agreement that was wrong, a tragedy and most likely murder. A crime was committed.

Circling back to Dr. King – I think he would understand there is an image problem.

Protests easily could have been peaceful following Dr. Kings philosophy.

I am sure the vast majority of protesters came peacefully, marched peacefully and went home peacefully. However, the image we are given makes it appear that all protesters are complicit in arson, vandalism, theft, mob violence, assault, mob action, etc. We need everyone to be equally treated Americans.

Would Dr. King have grown his thought of peace, and realized demonstrations are needed to show an image that the protesters are not only good, but responsible, helpful, and do things better than most other Americans?  What if, the marchers came with shovels, push brooms, rakes, loppers, plastic garbage bags, razors to remove stickers and strings tied around lightpoles. What if when they passed one block, there weren’t even weeds growing in the cracks in the sidewalks, they were all pulled. What if they left every foot they passed cleaner and more civil than when they arrived.  All that’s left is a trail of full plastic bags at the curbside. Show the world they are better than the police, better than any other group out there.

What if there were so many different marches in a city, not only in the big business district, but their own neighborhoods where they block the streets, take over the parks and make them spotless with helicopters hovering over watching this take fold? The footage would be startling.

What is that image today? The thugs I see today I want nothing to do with, there is nothing I wish to learn from them. Lawbreakers all of them. Their “cause” is not advanced, it is ignored.

However, a Dr. King image of a better people, of those who do care, of those who are gracious would be a group I would sympathize with and try to understand better and wish to help.

I Have a Dream Too.

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