Restore a Sailboat - April 2020

WelcomeWell, we all wonder what the future of the month, next year or two will hold. It could go on without much of a hiccup, or, we just might have restrictions for a long time. But hey, I like to plan for the best so I keep tinkering getting this boat ready for what good thing may happen.

Now for all of you naysayers and shamers who say I should stay at home, let me say this: Working on the boat is not social distancing. It is social isolation. I am by myself, inside a boat, and on top of that it is shrink wrapped.  I go in during the morning, and leave in the evening. I take food, drink and don’t use the shipyard’s head.  No contact with anyone.

My wife works every third weekend, I am backing off a little on this project as currently the season start is postponed and only working on the boat every third weekend when she is gone. That means, I get one weekend in April to work on her.

Many surfaces require sanding, some filling, then sanding again, painting or Cetol applied. The prep work can be done in any temperature weather. But the painting and Cetol has to go on when the temperatures are 50-degrees or warmer around the clock.  Sand-ho it goes. Waiting for warmer weather to break out the paint.

Here I scraped, sanded and vacuumed the storage space up in the bow. But I always go the distance, so sharp screw ends are Dremeled off, globs of glue or sharp edges of fiberglass are either chiseled or Dremeled off so when things are stored, or hands go in there, they don’t come out torn or bloody. I’ve already prepped four other cubby holes this way.  What’ll it look like all painted white? Five cubbies were painted in the past few winters. There’s way too many cubbies, so my plan is to do the remaining half this winter, and half next winter.

bowNo projects were completed this month. However, many projects moved forward each closer to their finish line.

The next owner is really going to enjoy this boat.

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