Restore a Sailboat - November 2019

WelcomeWinter time projects commence! During the month I hit a milestone – my 100th day just working on it since April of 2017 to restore this boat. Made progress on many different projects during the month, but completed very few.

285. Added a remark on the fuel dipstick, “Add 9oz of Marvel Mystery Oil / 10 Gals of Gas,” per the manufacturers directions.

286. It took quite a while to find a replacement momentary contact switch for the igniter for the stove, and installed it.  Now the spark occurs at the burners when pressed.

287. The swim ladder had heavily weathered gray teak treads. I removed the treads, cleaned them with Teka (a two-part cleaning solution), let them dry, then sanded the rough grain back to smooth, cleaned and polished the stainless steel tubing. Applied 3 coats of Cetol, sanded them, and applied one more coat of Cetol, then reinstalled treads.

Anyone for a swim?

Before, weathered gray teak:





After, refinished teak with Cetol finish:











The next owner is really going to enjoy this boat.

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