Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Chicago June 10, 2016 - Timmmmberrrrr

Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Chicago June 10, 2016 - Timmmmberrrrr

On Friday I was scheduled to be on a Press Boat, five minutes before it was time to go, I was upgraded to a Photo Boat.  Ya baby!  Front row seats don’t get any better than this.  It turns out the Photo Boat is owned by a friend I haven’t seen in 20 years – it is a small world after all.

As we went out, everyone introduced themselves, half being sailing photographers, and half new to sailing.   I brought the non-sailing half together and said, “With today’s conditions, I think it is possible a boat might capsize.  Should this happen, ‘clickity’ like mad.”  Sho-nuf!

On Thursday while the LVACWS Endeavor Program students were out sailing off the end of Navy Pier, one capsized their boat.  It appears that the kids taught the adults how to do it. These boats are designed to capsize and be re-righted easily by the kids without help, no damage is done, no one gets injured, it’s part of the fun to get wet.


So, along comes the first ever capsize of an AC45 on Friday in a heavy gust, Team New Zealand. Note one crewman in the water).  Timberrrrr… –


In the second picture of the sequence you now see Skipper Glenn Ashby making his way out on the upper rudder to the left of the BMW logo on Oracle –


In the third picture of the sequence, Ashby takes the 23′ dive –


Fourth picture of the sequence. still falling…….


Fifth picture of the sequence, still falling…..


Sixth picture of the sequence, still falling…..


Seventh picture of the sequence, still falling…..


Eighth picture of the sequence, splash into the 63-degree (17 celsius) water !


Nineth picture of the sequence, splash gets bigger and now there are two others in the water….


Tenth picture of the sequence, the splash gets bigger…


Eleventh picture of the sequence, the splash gets even bigger and now the wing is down into the water…


Not too much later, it was Team Oracle’s turn to capsize while avoiding a collision with Artemis Racing……


So how come only black boats with red bows flipped over?  Coincidence?  Conspiracy?  After the crew were accounted for, the bow of the AC45 was pulled by a powerboat into the wind.  Another powerboat tied a line to the upper hull and pulled on it until the boat flipped upright.  All in all, the boats were upright in about 5 minutes, no big deal.  However as a precaution, both boats were hauled overnight, inspected, and relaunched for Saturday.

Glidden Martinez (originally from Puerto Rico, now in Florida), turned around pointed at me and said, “You called it!” with a huge smile on his face.  All photographers got the money shots of both catamarans capsizing.  I made new friends on the spot.  Glidden Martinez provided these pictures to me, as his camera was a thousand times better than mine.  Thanks Glidden!


To give sailing a try, to get into a sailing school, charter a sailboat for a day, or join a sailboat racing crew on Lake Michigan, look for the links how to get into sailing easily and adffordably on the right side of this screen

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