Chicago Delivers Best Louis Vuitton ACWS Hands Down June 10, 2016

Chicago Delivers Best Louis Vuitton ACWS Hands Down June 10, 2016

Wind is the gasoline for the sailboats.  As the LVACWS has been in Oman, England, New York, and other places, the winds have been light.  Bammo, the breeze was on ni Chicago, the boats were foiling in the practice races today, and two of them capsized: Team New Zealand and Team Oracle.  Ya, the crews got wet in balmy 63 degrees (17 celcius) water.  Apparently there are no injuries and the boats are ok.

It took support boats less than five minutes to flip the boats upright, and the crews sailed off to test everything before joining the next race.

Observations in the practice races –

  • When capsized, the wings are sealed providing floation that prevents them from turtling.
  • Flipping the boats up are just like done with sailing dinghies, they pull the bow into the wind, attach a line to the hull and pull it upright.  Very easy.
  • When foiling, the boats make a noise akin to being a few blocks away from a football standium with the crowds cheering.  I presume it is a lot louder on board than from a boat a few hundred feet away.
  • Positions change almost every leg, getting a lead, can evaporate in seconds.
  • These boats are tweaky.  It looks jiggy to get them up on foils, and once up it looks jiggy to keep it up on foils, and crashing back into the water doesn’t look planned.  While there is adjustment on the tiller to adjust the foils on the rudder, apparently the rules require them to set it, and not change it thereafter.  While the daggerboard/foils can be canted forward and aft.  The technology has a bit of a way to go to fly smoothly.
  • Which then gives a huge advantage for he who foils first.  And then, he who foils longest.
  • The jibe angles downwind are about 90-degrees.
  • The first two races were fleet races, then the next three races were match races in pairs.
  • Artemis and Land Rover sailed the smoothest. Surprisingly to me, Franck Cammas (Groupama), world ocean multihull sailor with 10’s of thousands of miles of multihull sailing, is struggling the most.
  • They do not score the practices races, it’s like kids AYSO Soccer were “Everyone’s a winner.”  Give me a break.

Race Sequence 1

DSC00647Race Sequence 2DSC00648Race Sequence 3DSC00649Race Sequence 4DSC00650

Race Sequence 5DSC00651

Race Sequence 6DSC00652

This is what you see —



















You’re reading this because you have some curiousity of sailing. It is easy, affordable, and accessable to go sailing, besides fun.  Click on the link on the right side to find a sailing school near you, or charter a sailboat with a captain for the day, just please give it a try.  Thank you.


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