2016 Rio Olympic Sailing Drug Ban Hypocrisy

The Olympic / Paralympic Movement has made it clear that drugs are not a part of the Olympics / Paralympics.  Their medical team seeks to find performance enhancing & mind altering drugs and ban them in athletes.  There have been many athletes who have been busted, punished and splashed all over the media worldwide in the past.

One of my multi-Olympic medal friends tells me that when the drug testers show up wherever you are in the world for a random unannounced drug test, you must urinate into a cup “face to face” with the tester so there is no tampering with the urine.  How embarrassing for all athletes in the pursuit of doping and drug compliance and Olympic ideals.

With the IOC going to this length to avoid drugs in the athlete’s systems, then why do they want to take the purest of athletic ability and talent, and then load them up with a number of prophylactic antibiotics and immunizations in order to compete in sailing in a sewage filled bay in Rio in the 2016 Olympics?

The United States Sailing Association and United States Olympic Committee have recommended that our athletes take these drugs at a minimum (though won’t share the water quality testing results or share if other medications are recommended by the athlete’s physicians) – U.S. State Department medical recommendations

I find that subjecting our sailors to sail in an open sewer to be reprehensible, vile, unconscionable, disgusting, and just about any other verb you can think of that mimics these words.

And the IOC wants our athletes to be drug free.  Hypocrites, they all are hypocrites.


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