The Biggest Iceboat in the World - The Deuce

The Biggest Iceboat in the World - The Deuce

The biggest, and fastest (104 mph), ice boat in the world is found in Wisconsin. The owner owns a machine shop and is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.  The boat is called The Deuce.

While not the original owner (built in the 1930’s), in 2005 the boat suffered some damage while sailing. There is a great blog describing the efforts making a new hull for her. This is one of those websites where you start at the bottom of the page and work your way up to the top. So, in 2006 a new 54′ hull was made for her at the Cabbage Patch. Rebuilding the Deuce.

One thing I saw in that article, to quote Norm Abrams of the New Yankee Workshop on PBS is, “You can never have enough clamps!” 501 clamps to be exact.

The Deuce sailing with her new hull –

So, would you go screaming across the ice at over 100 miles an hour on a 4,000 pound iceboat?  I hope so!


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