Community Sailing - Easy, and Really Affordable

Community Sailing - Easy, and Really Affordable

Community Sailing is one of the fastest growth areas of adult sailing in the U.S. today.  The reason why, is simple.  It has to do with the IRS rules, as these are charities.  Charities can offset some of their overhead costs with donations, they commonly get access to waterfront property for affordable rent, their taxes are lower, they can advertise their services, and many offer sailing at no cost for those who can’t afford it, to minimal cost for those who can as a result.  In some places the instruction buildings and boats are donated, it can’t get any lower in cost.

Is that answer simple enough?

They’ll teach you to sail, then they’ll test your newly learned skills.  Once you’re “certified” they allow you to take their boats out on your own, for you to sail at your beck and call.  How cool is this? No hassles, no ownership, no storage, no insurance, no maintenance, just go sailing.

Some are still in their infancy teaching just juniors, others have gone through the growth phase and have ramped up to having modern buildings, with adult, disabled, and junior sailing.  Sailing is extremely affordable and easily accessible, just go!





Really, just go sailing!

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