Sports Inequality Includes Sailing

Sports Inequality Includes Sailing

There’s this thing called Blog Action Day, which is today, where bloggers around the world are asked to write about a single topic which is picked for us – it is “Inequality.”

Here’s an example, look at the for-profit sports team called da Chicago Bears.  The government paid for the facility where this business makes its money. Sure they charge them rent, but that rent will never payoff the cost of building the stadium.  Funny, I don’t see the government doing that for any of the main street businesses elsewhere in town.

And then there’s the huge amount of free advertising they get from the media which absolutely makes me crazy.  Every news program (radio or TV), every newspaper, many magazines, tons of websites give them thousands of hours and pages of ink on the upcoming game, and a rehash of the game just played.  And da Chicago Bears don’t pay for all of this free advertisement, the media just gives it to them for free.

Just imagine, how would your business flourish with a business model like that? Really cheap rent, plus local and national advertising.

I’m not ranting about Sailing not getting fair time, I wished all sports got fair time in the media.  On Lake Michigan, there aren’t just 16 games played in a year, there are hundreds of sailboat races occurring throughout the summer.  Many of them are amateur, but some of them do bring in the top athletes of the world to compete.  We see World’s champions, Olympic sailors and medalists, America’s Cup racers and they come and leave this region pretty much unnoticed.  The events they compete in on Lake Michigan barely get any media playtime, and surely not across the boards like da Bears do.

There are a lot of great role models in sailboat racing.  There are winners and losers each and every race.  Lots of human interest stories.  Plays that work, and plays that don’t.  Races commonly occur in all weather conditions.  While a physical sport, it isn’t too often sailors are on the DL, but the equipment (sailboats) do go on the DL pretty often with breakdowns, torn sails, or collisions that hole them.  There is great action to report on!

If sailing just had the equal time media attention da Bears have, wow, would sailing participation explode!



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