Preparing to say, "I Told You So" for the 2016 Sailing Olympics

Dear International Olympic Committee, International Sailing Federation and Rio Organizing Committee,

I have already prepared three different articles awaiting the 2016 Sailing Olympics.  They can’t be posted until something actually happens during the competition in Guanabara Bay.

The articles are full of sincere smart-aleckness, they deride you for the choice that you can’t seem to understand you need to move away from today.  But be assured, they will slam you and slam you hard for sitting on your tushes and not having what it takes to make a real decision.  And that decision is to move Sailing out of Guanabara Bay right now.

Proposed August 2016 Article 1 – I Told You So, Olympic Athlete Can’t Race In Olympics After Becoming Ill After Sailing Guanabara Bay
Proposed August 2016 Article 2 – I Told You So, Olympic Athlete Sidelined From Competition After Boat Damaged by Guanabara Debris
Proposed August 2016 Article 3 – I Told You So, Olympic Athlete Hit Garbage In Water, Watched Competitors Pass Them

Can you see it now?  I can, I totally can see that all of you are going to be hammered by the media for your total failure to act now.

Your first test event in August of 2014 failed.  And now you want to wait until the August 2015 test event to try again and see if it is any better?  Haven’t any of you heard, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?”  Do you really need to be fooled again by the Rio Organizing Committee and the City of Rio de Janeiro?

On June 9, 2015 the IOC made a decision to move the sailing venue for the 2020 Games from Tokyo to the city of Fujisawa.  Why? Cost and electronic communications.  None of this impacts the sailors, they don’t use electronics in competition.  You can make a decisive decision five years away, but can’t make one that is needed one year away?  Venues change, you proved this once again this week.

History has shown that Rio de Janeiro and the country of Brazil over decades have started efforts to establish water treatment plants and move into the modern era of discharging only clean water effluent.  But each time the plans fail and they never live up to their promises after spending billions of dollars getting no where.  And you think this time will be different?

Albert Einstein was reported to have said:
“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
You are running out of time to do the right thing to change sailing from a game of chance in Rio to one where the best talent wins in Buzios.
The Vast Majority of Sailors Worldwide

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