Rehabbing a Used Boat - Part 7

Rehabbing a Used Boat - Part 7

I strongly recommend buying a used boat in the fall, or middle winter. That way you have time for a do-over, upgrade, overhaul, etc. and get the boat launched in time for sailing season. Or, buy a cherry boat that is ready to go if you are in sailing season.

Buying this project boat in sailing season is challenging. Watching other boats head out for a sail, come back in, and the crew sharing their experiences for the day sharing some brew, while drilling gluing, caulking, sanding, painting, etc. just ain’t any fun.

How close are we to putting sails on the boat? Well, after running the 1 cylinder 7 horsepower diesel twice, and seeing how much oil it is going through, conferring with others, it is pretty clear that the engine needs an overhaul. Today the mechanic comes to remove the engine out of the boat (weighs less than 300 pounds). At least the rebuild doesn’t take long, to put a new ring on one cylinder, doesn’t require a lot of bolts removed, or tons of work. The engine should be back shortly and re-installed by the end of the week.

It’s a bit hard to describe, but each time you touch anything on this boat, it isn’t simple. I went to feed a new line through the inside of the boom with an electrical fish. I removed the boom and put it on the dock (the boat was bouncing at the dock) as steadiness would make it go much easier. When I reinstalled the boom, there are 3 screws that hold it on, and 2 out of the three are stripped. Next time I go to the boat, I will drill those holes bigger, and re-tap threads putting in the next size bigger screws.  Every task is burdened with extra work to make it right.

The work list is getting pretty short, There’s about 1 & 1-/2 days of work left for me. That is until we bring the sails down. I will go over the sails looking for torn threads, missing tell tales, and get them prepared, before they are raised.

It doesn’t look like we’ll get much practice in before hitting the starting line for the 2014 Chicago Mackinac Race, but then again,all of us in the crew have been sailing most of our lives, and like riding a bicycle, you don’t forget how to do it.

I bring a digital camera with me each time with hopes of adding shots to these articles, however, as soon as I get there a tool is in my hand, and as it always gets late, I am putting down a tool and walking away from the boat. There isn’t “down time”, it’s just work, work, work. When we get completed and ready, I’ll take some shots and add it to this series of articles.

5 Weeks
60 Crew Days put in
Last week had 21 “to do” items on the list
Knocked 10 off the list this week
Added 4 to the list this past weekend
Leaves us with 15 on the “to do” list this week
And the list never ends!

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