Rehabbing a Used Boat - Part 6

Rehabbing a Used Boat - Part 6

So much to look forward to each weekend (said in the most crabby way possible)! With the sailing season going without us as we try to bring an old boat into shipshape order.

The boat was launched this past week, and had to move from the South Branch of the Chicago River through all of the bridges in downtown Chicago. I was told “Normally it takes 3 hours.” You caught that didn’t you – 3 hours? Well, just like Gilligan’s Island, the three hour tour was closer to six! The Lake Street bridge had some sort of debris caught in the locking mechanism, and they had to bring a guy out with a torch to free it. This of course stops the vehicle traffic on Lake Street on the lower level of the bridge and the “L” trains on the upper level.

And then when we pulled up to the dock, we pulled the handle for the fuel shut-off to kill the diesel engine, and it didn’t work. The engine kept running. I manually pulled the lever on the engine to shut her down (ouch that was hot after six hours of running), another thing to add to the list.

Last week I used the Johnny Carson line “How dirty is it?” to describe this boat, and I have a new one to add – It is so dirty that after washing the ceiling, walls and floor under the cockpit area (getting fully soaked), when I got home and headed to the shower, my white underwear had turned gray (and not a light shade)!

While some things are easy to see to repair, other things take inspection. As I was running the hose rinsing, my dad was pumping the bilge out. The bilge pump is back in under the cockpit. With each stroke, half of the water would go overboard as intended, the other half poured down on me because the pump is leaking heading back into the bilge. We tore the pump down to see that the rubber diaphragm had rotted and needs replacement. Then we ran a hose across the deck on top, with another person below decks with a flash light to see if there are any leaks – yup – about 10 of them. The list grows longer.

Upon removing the compasses to test the compass lights, real quick it was clear that there were no lights, the wires were just glued to the compasses.  New compasses are on the way, with lights.

We pulled the lines out of the boom to take them home to wash, only when reinstalling them did we learn that the line from one end to the other is not a clean shot, that it is woven with another line internally. This friction and wear is not healthy for rope, it also makes it have more friction and harder to pull and we have to fish a straight clear shot on this inside the boom.

While I washed the sides of the boat for four hours in the shipyard, the straps on the crane that lift the boat commonly leave 10″ wide vertical streaks of dirt on the sides of the boat after launching, and didn’t disappoint.  Another scrubbing of the sides is planned this weekend.

4 Weeks
51 Crew Days put in
Last week had 30 “to do” items on the list
Knocked 14 off the list this week
Added 7 to the list this past weekend
Leaves us with 23 on the “to do” list this week
And the list never ends!

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