Rehabbing a Used Boat - Part 1

Rehabbing a Used Boat - Part 1

No one in my family has ever bought a new boat, most have been close to a decade old if not three decades old at time of purchase.  The latest boat purchase last week by my 85 year old father is a 34 year old boat.  What’s the best way to describe her?  I’ll compare it to a car – the engine (the real one and the sails, mast, boom) are in good shape.  The paint job on the exterior of her has a few nicks and scrapes, overall good enough.

However, the wiring is in need of a lot of finishing.  The prior owner gutted the interior, and began to install the new fresh one and stopped half way.  The interior (vinyl wall covering, ceiling vinyl and wood trim around the edges) is in need of installation.

We carry fresh water in a water tank for sanitary use, hooked up to a hand pump on the sink, all hosing is missing.  There’s another 50 miscellaneous smaller projects to install.  Then the whole boat needs a thorough cleaning to rid it of the accumulated 8 years of dust of the rehab project.  Every little piece of this boat will get attention, cleaning, painting, varnishing, oiling, connecting, etc.  There will be nothing left that doesn’t work before it is launched.

She’ll look pretty nice in a month.  Not quite brand new looking, but will be pleasant on the eye.  In the mean time, instead of sailing, I’ll be in the shipyard climbing up and down a 13′ ladder bringing this boat back to shipshape, along with five other family members.  And we’ll take this boat in the Chicago Mackinac race July 19, 2014.  There’s no turning back at this hour, full steam ahead.

So for the time being after waiting an incredibly long winter to go sailing, I’ll be land locked for the next month.  And it hurts.

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