Could Sailing Be Dropped from the Olympics in the Future?

Yes, or No.

Some have expressed concern that if the International Sailing Federation moves the 2016 Olympic Sailing Games out of Guanabara Bay to another venue in Brazil it will bring negative publicity to Sailing.  They have concerns that Sailing doesn’t produce revenue for the IOC and loses money hosting the sport.  They feel afraid and don’t want to stir the pot and cause change.

They also don’t want to be leaders in the world, stepping up to make the hard decisions of changing the venue for the reasons of health, safety, and fairness. It is safer for them to remain under the radar.

The International Olympic Committee does review all sports and makes changes from time to time.  What does Sailing have going for itself?  The IOC actually likes sailing, when they vote on sports Sailing is commonly ranked about #7.  When it comes to ticket sales, Sailing is commonly the first one to sell out.  And it is the #1 Olympic sport watched or tracked via the internet (of those sports that has no TV support).

Why do the world leaders of sailing live in fear of fear itself?  Do they hope that somehow no one becomes ill, no boats hit trash, and no boats are slowed by running into trash?  And just what are the world leaders of sailing thinking they will do when any of these happen?  The decision to do nothing today will cause sailing much greater harm that making the decision to move sailing to a clean water venue in Brazil.

The world will be watching either way, either to see the International Sailing Federation fail miserably using Guanabara Bay, or watch sailing succeed unimpeded in a different venue. Why take this risk, why not just assure that a fair contest will be held?

From this outcome, the International Sailing Federation will set the course for Sailing in future Olympiads. Will ISAF be responsible for securing Sailing in the Olympics for the future?  It is their choice.

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