Where in the World Do You Find the Time to Sail?

Where in the World Do You Find the Time to Sail?

In Nicholas D. Hayes book “Saving Sailing” his research finds that in today’s society, the average adult, after working, cleaning, shopping, paying bills, taking care of kids, bills, laundry, driving back and forth to work, and so forth has an average of 38 hours per week of free time.

What are you doing with that free time?  Obviously reading articles like this on the internet!  The internet and 700 channels of TV, reality shows, get togethers with others and other things fill this void of time and you really aren’t adding up and thinking of it this way.

How do I fit the time in to sail regularly?  Simply, I make it a priority in life.  During the week I will mow the lawn (more times than not, I’m that crazy neighbor doing it after dark), do the laundry, iron, house maintenance, get the cars fixed, etc. as well as fit in some time to do upgrades to the sailboat so it is ready for the weekend.  Why?  Because I am ready come Saturday morning and want nothing in my way.

Does this give me a more active lifestyle?  Do I watch less TV and surf the ‘net?  You bet, but I also have fought the battle of a waistline my entire life and keeping active sailing helps.

For most of my youth and young adulthood, I was on the Lake each and every weekend morning.  And I mean “each and every.”   In my later 20’s, I found myself ashore one weekend for the first during the summer, and was stunned to learn how heavy traffic was (I truly was an alien in my own town on weekends).  I suddenly had a huge desire to get back on the water immediately and get away from the crowded roads and stores.  That sounds like a good alternative, doesn’t it?

Family obligations have kept me off the water the past two weekends.  I miss the exercise, and challenges of being on the water.  To supplement my missed water time, I took some parts off the boat, sanded them, and put a new coat of paint, and re-contact cemented some protection padding that was flopping around.  Doing this is a little bit like drinking near-beer, when full on leaded beer is what I want.

The reality is, first one must go sailing and find it fun and intriguing.  Literally, the only way for the bug to bite you is to try it.  Once that bug has bitten, like happened to me when I was 5, you won’t be able to shake it.  You’ll make the time and prioritize your life to get out on the water.  You’ll re-align your 38 hours of free time.

Some have pointed out that 3/5 of the world is covered with water.  Why?  Obviously because God wanted all of us to spend 3/5 of our life on it!

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