Water Testing Investigation Proves that Guanabara Bay Must be Abandoned for the 2016 Olympics Immediately

Back in October 2014, I drove to Milwaukee, WI from Chicago, IL where an official from US Sailing had said I could get a copy of the water quality tests of Guanabara Bay performed by the United States Olympic Commmittee (USOC).  The story changed, and I was told that the report was sworn to secrecy.  Not even the US Sailing Sports Medicine Committee members (all medical doctors) could see a copy.  I followed up with the USOC and they wouldn’t even answer the question requesting a copy of the test.  Then I sent 42 copies of a letter to the “Congressional Olympic and Paralympic Caucus” including U.S. Senators and House members asking if this secrecy was appropriate and if US Sailing and the USOC should be subject to the Open Meetings Act and the Freedom of Information Act.  To date, Congress has not replied.

Conspiracing theororists, have at it.

Getting real data of the water quality has been elusive.

Yesterday the Associated Press released results of water quality tests and the doctor review that they paid for in this groundbreaking report.  The truth, the data needed, is now in the hands of the public, where it belonged from day one. There’s no more hiding the facts.  Thank you Associated Press for going to this length and letting us know, thank you.

The results make it crystal clear, Guanabara Bay must be abandoned as the venue for sailing immediately.  This insanity and cover up must end now.

No one would send their family members or friends to compete into such dangerous conditions.

Read it yourself – Huffington Post report created by the Associated Press


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