What is There to Hide in Guanabara Bay, the Current Site of the 2016 Sailing Olympics?

We don’t know.

We really don’t know.  You see, of all of the water quality tests that have been performed by different organizations, NONE of them have published their results.

The International Olympic Committee has been doing water testing every other week.  We don’t see it.  The United States Olympic Committee has done water testing, they insist on keeping it hidden.  The Rio Organizing Committee says that they water test, no results are shown.  Many Member National Authorities in sailing (such as Canada Sailing, Australia Sailing, etc.) said that they are testing on behalf of their athletes.  Nothing published.

Last week the AP reported on the four months of tests they have performed, it was a text report summarizing the data.  The data and testing methodology was not published.  The writers at the Associated Press, Jenny Barchfield and Bradley Brooks each told me that if they published it, the other news services would use their research that the AP paid for and the other news services would make a buck off the AP, and it is their job to maximize the profits for their company.  I get it.

Without proof, without the black and white facts, with water quality testing results hidden, what do we have?
We have two factions:

  1. The first faction denies that there is any problem and that the media has overblown the situation.
  2. The second faction looks at what little data has been displayed, and looked at the reports of sailors falling ill during practices, sailors boats damaged by hitting debris, and sailors hitting trash slowing their progress on the racecourse losing places as other sail past them and wants sailing moved out of Guanabara Bay to clean waters which are available 75 miles away.

None of this is important to the officials at the:

  • International Olympic Committee
  • Rio Organizing Committee
  • International Sailing Federation

Until the hidden facts are published, each faction continues to sit across from each other pointing their fingers at each other.  There aren’t any laws requiring these be published, and obviously morality isn’t pushing any honesty, so what can be done to end the stand-off?


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