College Sailing

College Sailing

It’s getting close to time to pack the students and take them back to College.

Many colleges and universities have sailing teams and recruit new sailors by teaching them.  They provide great connections, camaraderie, travel, networking, fresh air, training, skill sets, and competition.  College sailing is growing in the U.S. as many students find it is a great time.   Along the way, your student will meet those on the Olympic path in sailing, those in a variety of Maritime fields, and a few can become professional sailors ending up in the America’s Cup or world renown events.

College sailing is just like participating in any other sport.  There are team practices, hosting and traveling to events, work outs to develop those muscles that improve performance while racing, seminars and great socials.  Teams are ranked nationally, and at the end the year with their own National Championship.  Doesn’t it sound like college baseball, football, or gymnastics?

If your child is heading off to any of the following schools, suggest that they look into the sailing program:

Grand Valley State University, MI
Great Lakes Maritime Academy, MI
Grinnell College, IA
Hope College, MI
Indiana University, IN
Lake Forest College, IL
Lawrence University, WI
Marquette University, MI
Michigan State University, MI
Michigan Technical University, MI
Northern Michigan University, MI
Northwestern University, IL
Purdue University, IN
St. Olaf University, MN
University of Chicago, IL
University of Illinois – Chicago, IL
University of Iowa, IO
University of Michigan, MI
University of Minnesota, MN
University of Notre Dame, IN
University of Wisconsin – Madison, WI
University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, WI
Washington University, MO
Western Michigan University, MI

For more information on the organization of college sailing, visit:
Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association
Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association

College sailors I know who have been working for eons still keep in contact with their college sailing friends meeting up still sailing with them regularly.  It provides a lifelong list of contacts and advisers.  Have your child try sailing today!

When updating this on 3/2/2016, there was 25% growth in participating schools in three years.

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