95% of Sailors are Hard Working Wage Earners

95% of Sailors are Hard Working Wage Earners

The first articles written were all about getting new people out sailing, learning how to sail, where to go to sail easily and affordably.  Quoting Jim Kilroy a real estate mogul in California who owned sailboats by the name of Kialoa, where a reporter once asked him about his crew all being “millionaires.”  He laughed, and said, “95% of the sailors are hard working wage earners and only 5% are owners with money, and frankly the crews seem to have more fun most of the time.”  The point being, almost every boat that sails, needs crew.  Some just one crew, others that need upwards to 12 in order to sail for the day.  It takes just a little money to go sailing for most as a result.

So far in these articles I have identified 111 places to get into sailing, cheaply and easily.  No barriers, no hurdles, no secret handshakes, no “members only”, just get out there and enjoy the sea, sunshine and wind.

The next series of articles will continue to offer sailing without the travails of boat ownership.  Where you can direct where the boat is going, when, where and at what time.  Where you can be the Master and Commander.  Where you take charge.  Again, it will be affordable and easy to do.  Kilroy made it clear, it isn’t for millionaires, it is for hard working wage earners.


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