Can You Learn To Sail Online?

Can You Learn To Sail Online?

My recommendation is that it would be extremely difficult to translate text words from a book or website into actions to just take off on a sailboat one day.  Wind, waves, sunlight, darkness, boats heeling, wave patterns, weather changes and other factors encountered hands-on just probably can’t be converted from words.  However, a lot of terminology and concepts can be learned online to either get background before you start a hands-on class, or to compliment the class work you are taking currently may just speed up your learning (see my other blogs for sailing school locations).

The online courses can help introduce you to the foreign language of sailing, you can learn the terminology of the boat parts, navigation terms, and other things, it can compliment a class you are taking, or used as a primer before you take a Free class:

American Sailing Association
Psycho Snail

Pay for online class:

Colgate Offshore Sailing School Learn to Sail online course

I continue to kill the myths that sailing is exclusive and expensive.  Most are free and available to everyone.

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