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Perhaps I'm crazy, but as I watched the marathoners on October 9th, 2011, I decided that I will be running in the Chicago Marathon in 2012. First, let me back up. I'm not a runner. I've only completed a 5k once (Race to Wrigley).

I'm not a particularly athletic person--I prefer to curl up with a good book or with one of my 3 cats. (The stereotype about librarians and cats is absolutely true.) My husband usually has to drag me out the door of our apartment so we can go for walks in one of the parks near the Loop and the lake because I'd prefer writing or reading or doing school, but once we're outside, I thank him profusely. I'm stubborn that way.

It is in my stubborn way that set me on this perhaps insurmountable goal of running the 2012 Chicago Marathon, and to further prod me on, I relied on peer pressure from others to keep going--and I did finish the marathon!

However, no more marathons for me. Right now, this is blog is a place for me to talk about libraries, church stuff, nerdy stuff, abuse, trauma, recovery, and cats.

I also have a Twitter account. I suck at Twitter though. Just so you know why I hardly ever tweet.

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