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If you're deaf, you shouldn't sit in the exit row on a plane

I saw this in my Facebook feed today. If you can’t see it, it is a woman signing her story about sitting in an exit row (seats picked out by her father). When the flight attendant came by and talked rather quickly about what being in the exit row entails, she asked him to slow... Read more »

Stages of going to a conference

When you find out you get to go to a conference and it's like your company is paying for a vacation
I’m conferencing right now, and I am so ready to go home after such an information overload and really want to go back to my family and hug my daughter forever and ever (if she’s not on the iPad). It’s been great and all, but it’s time for me to go…

I thought it would get easier being No Contact

It is easier in some ways. After 8 years, I’d hope it’d be. I don’t cry nearly as often. At a certain point, the tears fade away, and the heart’s gasps of pain subside, until they no longer fill every single waking day. But certain days, like a old knee when a storm is brewing,... Read more »