How the heck do you find time to make dinner after you get home?

I started a new job recently, and the hours are later–just a little bit, but you know Chicago transit. Even a few minutes makes a difference between a fast commute and being stuck in traffic. It’s maddening.

So I’m home at 6 instead of 5. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll be home closer to 6:30, 7.

How do you find time to make an affordable, nutritious meal, before the toddler is already drooping and needs to bathe and wind down and read books and go to bed by 8:30?

Those meal prep things–hah! Panko-encrusted fish filets, garnished with cilantro and rosemary, with a side of raspberry infused asparagus. “Family friendly recipe.”

Nah, we ain’t gonna eat that. I don’t like fish, cilantro tastes like soap, and nobody else likes asparagus.

Last night, I was too tired from nerves and a new day of learning that I ate cereal. And served it to my toddler.

Tonight–who knows? Apple slices and root beer floats for everyone! Along with a slice of apple for the toddler that will be nibbled on and then fed to the dog.

It’s better than making a dinner and eating it at 8pm and then having to do the dishes before everyone passes out from fatigue at 9pm.

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