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My life, measured in books

How can I pick just one book that has made a big impact on my life? Just like every person who comes along influences me a little bit, it is the sum of those influences that has affected my view on life. Just as every ounce of water flowing over the rock shapes it just... Read more »

8 years later, I still dream about my father

It’s been very nearly 8 years since I’ve been disowned. 8 years since I got an email that ended with, “Goodbye daughter, it was nice knowing you for __ years.” In 8 years, I’ve graduated twice, gotten married, had a baby and several fur babies, had my gallbladder taken out, been to the hospital a... Read more »

How the heck do you find time to make dinner after you get home?

I started a new job recently, and the hours are later–just a little bit, but you know Chicago transit. Even a few minutes makes a difference between a fast commute and being stuck in traffic. It’s maddening. So I’m home at 6 instead of 5. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll be home closer to... Read more »

Dream-triggered PTSD: how dreams can affect real life

You know that feeling when you have a cold and don’t feel well, when daytime feels dreamline and nighttime is full of vivid reality? It makes it hard to know, with certainty, that you are not dreaming during the day and that you are not living another life at night. I used to have nightmares... Read more »