Reasons my toddler was crying

Reasons my toddler was crying

All of these examples came in the last 36 hours.

Yes, we’re in that stage.

I sadly do not have photos of her crying at all of these, because I’m trying to keep from losing my own shit. If you can only keep some shit together, keep yourself together. Then you can better carry an angry toddler, football-style.

  1. She saw an adorable outdoor calico cat, which we happened to follow with our stroller. The cat sauntered away like cats do and ignored her, slipping through the fencing before she could pet the kitty.
  2. She saw a squirrel, and trying to pet it, ended up chasing it all around the yard until it slipped through the fence and out of her reach. She went to daycare crying because of feline and rodent rejections.
  3. It was 80 degrees outside yesterday, so I tried unzipping her fleece jacket so she wouldn’t overheat and barf (it runs in the family). NO. She wanted that jacket ZIPPED UP. I wasn’t allowed close enough to zip it up. Finally, I took it off. More crying. Because she wants to feel toasty on an 80 degree November day.
  4. I tried the trick of, “Okay, bye bye, I’ll  see you later!” and walking s-l-o-w-l-y away  to see if she will follow me. It usually works. Not this time; she cried tears of abandonment. I scooped her up and carried her because how dare I abandon her?
  5. She wanted down. I set her down.
  6. Squirrel ran up the tree.
  7. I picked up the wrong leaf.
  8. I strapped her into the stroller. TRAPPED!
  9. I made her sit down on the bus ten million times.
  10. I put her in the stroller instead of letting her walk across busy downtown streets at her top speed of .000001 MPH
  11. I wouldn’t let her drop merchandise a thousand times in a row and say “Uh oh!” and make me pick it up–I put it in the basket instead and carried the basket without her help.  It was absolutely terrible, horrible, mean that I did that, because she stretched and attempted to stop the stroller by putting her feet on the ground.
  12. The dog was touching her blankie
  13. The dog took her spot on the chair next to me
  14. The dog was sitting in my lap and part of him extended into her space.
  15. She threw her grapes down on the ground and blamed the dog.
  16. She wanted to play with her cash register with the sound portion blasting in my ears, and it was TERRIBLE when I put it down a little lower to preserve my hearing, because she really wanted it in THAT spot next to me.
  17. She wanted to take her pumpkin bucket, filled with lots of little things that could spill and get lost, with her today. I told her no.
  18. I tried to push the button to call the elevator when it was clearly her job.
  19. I tried to hurry her across the street before the light changed
  20. I made her sit down on the bus.

I’m exhausted, you guys. Just 36 hours, and I haven’t even picked her up yet today.

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