I've never really liked Hillary Clinton, but I do now

I've never really liked Hillary Clinton, but I do now

I don’t know why I’ve never really liked her. Even though I’ve always wanted a female president, I hoped for Bernie.

It’s so funny how an older white guy appealed to me and so many of my millennial friends (I still am in denial that I am a millennial. I prefer to think of myself as Gen X born too late). I think it was because his financial understanding matches ours, and his plans supported our hopes and goals for the future.

Hillary seemed too politically-minded to care about people, I guess–at least, that was the impression I got. She always seemed so stern, so political, so…polished. And I like a little more humanity in the people leading us, because then they can relate to our humanity.

Plus there’s the association factor there–I grew up being taught that Bill Clinton was a bad man who did bad things, and since she stayed married to him, I then associated her with badness.




He came along, and started hoodwinking people with his grandiose narcissism. He said many things as a front, with no substance behind them. He emulated the idea of change from President Obama’s campaign, but with a frightening white power bent behind them, of xenophobia–because that was the demographic who like him, and he wants to ensure that narcissistic supply and thus kept saying things that catered to their beliefs.

It’s like watching my dad on a bigger scale if he had more money and more swagger. It was frightening to watch. It still is.

At first, I focused on voting against Donald Trump, because he would cause great economic damage and incur actual danger and possibly attacks from other countries. Because his ego is too big for the job. Because he would skip town and quit as soon as the going got tough enough he couldn’t brag his way out of it.

But then I began seeing more of Hillary Clinton’s humanity. Her patience. Her values. When her opponents hit low, she aimed high.

Have you noticed that her campaign videos of late have focused on peace, love, togetherness, unity? And this one spoke of why she was so politically active, in order to help as many people as she could, in the ways she could, as long as she could?

I also noticed how she used Donald’s words against him–no fabrication needed. The gaslighting he attempts to do is so ludicrous in this age of instant media and televised everything.

What a nice counterpoint to the frightening display of the worst of humanity in the Republican rallies. It’s Donaldian, if I may coin a new word. Donaldian, how you describe the display of hate in his rallies.

I’ve grown to see her humanity. How she is a person, not just a politician.

I’ve grown to appreciate her political career, which is, honestly, quite impressive.

I’ve grown to appreciate her and her goals.

I’ve grown to see her as a role model for my daughter.

And that is why I voted for her.

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