7 Really Weird Kids Videos on YouTube

There are some really freaking weird videos for kids on YouTube.

Let me back up.

My toddler daughter loves YouTube. It’s the perfect version of TV for impatient little kids who want their way. For example, she’s all about Wheels on the Bus right now. With a couple of swipes on the iPad, I can bring up a whole playlist of Wheels on the Bus songs, including ones in other languages that falls smack dab into uncanny valley for her because, wait, it’s the same tune–but what words are those? “MAMA! MAMA! MAMA! No! Stop. Stop.” (All three of her favorite words in one interaction!)

I should mention that she was the one who stumbled across all of these as she swipes through YouTube when she was unsatisfied with my picks. On the plus side, she is getting used to me monitoring her screen time, so when she’s a teenager I’ll know what kind of weird shit she’s looking at online. (I hope.)

Without further ado, here are weird and creepy kids’ videos. Good luck sleeping tonight.

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