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Homeschool diploma flap: do they really need a GED?

The headline caught my eye. I mean, why wouldn’t it? Christian homeschoolers cry discrimination after trade schools ask for proof they learned something I laugh-snorted while reading it. The laugh was a little bit because the headline was spot on with HSLDA’s sense of entitlement, and a little bit out of sadness because there are... Read more »

Ten reasons why toddlers are cats

 They love string. Anything that looks like string. Her current favorite thing to do is to bat at the straps on the bus or train.
My toddler is like a cat. That makes cat #4. Am I officially a crazy cat lady?

Food, weight, anxiety, depression, control...acceptance?

Food, weight, anxiety, depression, control...acceptance?
Food. Where do I begin? Food is punishment, and food is reward. Food soothes, and food stokes anxiety. Food is a means of control when life is out of control. I’ve always been a bit of an odd duck when it comes to food, avoiding certain types of foods and certain types of places to... Read more »

If I hadn't said so, you wouldn't know I'm having anxiety

As I write this, I am battling an anxiety attack. You wouldn’t know it, looking at me. You wouldn’t know unless I told you so. That’s part of the problem. I can’t always say so. Not at work, for fear of unconscious biases or people who just don’t understand. Not always to my husband, though... Read more »