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Grieving the mother I thought I had

Grieving the mother I thought I had
“A mother has the moral and legal obligation to shield her children from abuse.” -Virginia Knowles, “Five Things Homeschool Moms Should Know About Abusive Marriages.” But what happens when your mom doesn’t? It’s not exactly earth-shattering, because on some level I probably already knew this, kind of, sort of, but it still hit like a... Read more »

What life really is like for children of toxic parents

So, this article was shared in a group online, and I read it, curious. OMG, it is SO harmful. It does a real disservice to what life is really like for children with toxic, abusive parents.. Let’s begin at the beginning. The beginning was spot on–it is absolutely frightening to think about children’s natural emotions... Read more »

Woodworking in an apartment

This is the spot underneath the loft bed in the living room/dining room/office. This will be LO's bedroom in the future, but look at it. Gah. It got worse after trying to measure things and see what would fit where.
It’s that time of year again for home improvement. After being cooped up inside all winter, I have a list of all of the things I need to do in the apartment to create space out of nothing. (Vertical space! Walls! Hidden areas that can become storage!) Alas, we have a gazillion medical bills already... Read more »