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Quotes to overcome hard times (your mileage may vary)

This one is one of my own, actually. I wrote it for my high school graduation speech since I was the class VP. Which isn't saying all that much because it was a homeschool graduation, and there were only like 40 of us there, but still. Everyone spoke about their parents, thanking random people, but I wanted to stand out, I wanted it to be different. To get people thinking. We each had 1 minute to talk (yes, 40 kids talking for a minute apiece. It was a long graduation.) So I wrote a poem. And this is one part of it. I always thought that if one can change something, why not? When I wrote it, I had no idea how much it would affect the rest of my life, honestly. I was thinking in terms of politics at the time. But when it came to getting up the courage to move it, this spurred me on to get a second job, look for a roommate, look for an apartment. It spurred me on to look for new jobs. It helped me try another antidepressant. Then another. To find a therapist. Because to sit around and complain and not even TRY to do something is antithetical to my whole ethos. So weird how something I wrote at 18 years old still affects my life.
At different times, different snippets of wonderfully phrased language has helped me keep surviving. Oddly enough, those quotes only help for a specific time before it wears out its welcome. Sometimes it’ll help again. Sometimes not. Your mileage may vary. And please help me find the quote for the last one! It is driving me... Read more »

My carpet is held together by dirt and cat hair

Our carpet needs replacing. I knew that. But it didn’t turn into such a desperately needed situation until I got a migraine yesterday and laid down on the floor and got a very good whiff of dog pee and cat hair. Fuck. I knew it was bad with stains and some pee spots that we’ve treated... Read more »

It's okay if you don't want to read about Paris

It's okay if you don't want to read about Paris
It’s okay if you don’t want to read about Paris. It’s okay if you want to read about Paris but decide not to. It doesn’t mean you don’t care, or that you’ve become desensitized to violence. To terrorism. To the plight of the ever-growing stream of refugees fleeing the very same evil that attacked France... Read more »