Religious words and phrases that make me feel anxious

Have you ever seen a great aunt share photos on Facebook that make you cringe? Not topless photos (which Facebook won’t censor if it has male nipples (sorta NSFW if they don’t like male nipples.)), but the photos where she goes full-frontal nudity with her CHRISTIAN!!! faith. Or maybe it’s your judgmental cousin that you avoid like one of the 10 plagues at parties, and yet she constantly posts things like “God only judges” typeset on an “inspirational” photo of sunsets or tears or galaxies.

Even if you are a believer, too, it’s damned uncomfortable to see. Not because of the faith in of itself, but because it’s often horrible theology, bowdlerized and rephrased so it means what the person wants it to mean, not what it actually means. Or else it’s plucked from its context and sharpened into a Sword of Truth ™ used for the sheer glee of stabbing other people with emotional abuse.

Here’s a few bad ones I’ve seen online–and it doesn’t take much to find bad ones. Feel free to share more in the comments!


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