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Managing pregnancy news with the extended family (when you are estranged)

Aside from my immediate family, there’s one other family member I have not yet told about the pregnancy news. I still don’t know what to make of her, which is why I’m still trying to figure out a) when to tell her and b) how to tell her and c) how to brace for the... Read more »

It can't be that hard to find a baby monitor for the deaf

So here’s the deal. I’m profoundly deaf. My husband is hearing, but his ears pretty much turn off at night too. How will we be able to hear the little one cry in the night? (I’m trying to prevent SOME mommy-guilt.) We live in a small 1-bed, and the little one will be sleeping in... Read more »

Confronting a smoker at the dog park

Confronting a smoker at the dog park
Ever since I heard about the city passing a smoking ban for all Chicago Park District property, I wondered how I would handle smokers should they light up in the dog park. I hate confrontations. Haaaaate confrontations. I can never think fast enough to come up with witty retorts to make people think. (That’s my... Read more »