The lazy millenial myth : Can't we just let it die?

The lazy millenial myth : Can't we just let it die?

I saw this on the bus today, and it pissed me off. If you can’t read it, it says,

“Expect something great without doing any work. (We’re Millennial friendly.)”

(Sorry it was blurry–I was on a bus after all).

Gee, thanks, Chicago Apartment Finder, for perpetuating that ugly and incorrect and offensive myth. I certainly won’t be referring anybody to them anymore.

Also, why can’t people SHUT UP about that myth already? It’s been put to rest so many times, so please stop perpetuating it.

The whole thing about how a whole bunch of us are living at home? Turns out a lot of them are still in COLLEGE. Dorms count as living at home, and that doesn’t even touch the topic of how a bunch of undergrads live at home and commute to their university to try to save money.  The rest of us who have a reasonable home situation might also return home to try to fucking pay off their student loans, especially with a lousy job market and the recession of 2008.

The rest of us who have abusive parents or guardians try to move out and make it work by working our tails off and patching together a bunch of crap jobs until we win the job lottery (beating out hundreds of others of equally qualified applicants) and get a full time job with benefits. Like me and many other hard-working millennial I know in the same boat.

“Just get a job” doesn’t really help when said job pays minimum wage (and THAT is a whole ‘nother issue), or said job is just shy of full time to avoid health insurance or the Affordable Care Act (which helps a ton of us young’uns). I know many millennials who patch together several part time jobs just to earn enough money to live, and still they worry about health costs.

We millennials have to work hard because we were dealt a crap hand with the economy and stuck between that and rising college costs.

So ads like the one that Chicago Apartment Finders put out that perpetuate this myth is damned offensive.

Especially when you consider how much work we have to do in order to actually move out of our parents’ home and into an apartment to start up our own household, an act that helps to rev the economy back up.

Oh, Chicago Apartment Finders? Next time, try not to alienate a whole generation with a single ad.

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