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On the mountain, surrounded

On the mountain surrounded by the safety of tall trees thin, tall grass bowing in the summer breeze scented by ponderosa vanilla the flowing river, sharp, cold The dry ground is my bed. I am safe here. Nobody can find me I am free. This is my spot, imagined many times over this is setting... Read more »

10 kinds of assholes at the dog park

Doggie intactivists, aka People who refuse to neuter or spay their dogs. It's a little disconcerting to see giant dog balls clanging against their legs as they run. Is your virility connected to whether your dog has balls or ovaries? They tend to be more aggressive too. Neuter your pup, and consider Neuticles. You can even buy Neuticle earrings!
The warmer weather means more dogs are at the dog park, including my pup. Pepper has SO MUCH FUN playing with other dogs, and he likes to keep up with his peemail. Sadly, the warmer weather also means more assholes and their dickish dogs are at the dog park, too. Here are ten types of assholes... Read more »

It's all in your head : migraines, tuna casserole, and a knee barometer

The dusty pink walls in the living room wobbled as I leaned heavily on the walls on my way to the bathroom. They didn’t spin, and that’s how I knew I didn’t have meningitis, but they lurched around. There’s an old cartoon of Goofy wearing a fishbowl for a head struggling to keep balance–that’s how... Read more »