Fake Rachel Canning Facebook accounts trips up news sites

Fake Rachel Canning Facebook accounts trips up news sites

So, the New York Post and the NY Daily News both reported on Rachel Canning’s baby boomer rants.

But was it Rachel?

Rachel fake profileThe style of the posts did not quite fit someone who would get a $20,000 scholarship to a private college, with a less-than-stellar grasp of English, but I could almost forgive it. I see bad writing from a lot of teens.

Then I looked at the cover photo. The deliberate bad punctuation makes me suspect a fake account that’s parodying the whole lawsuit while also poking fun at Rachel.

Rachel fake pageThe fake Education for Rachel Facebook page has the exact same style of writing as the fake Rachel profile. And the fake profile has absolutely none of the Facebook extras that you gather over the years–all your likes, photos, friends, comments, and so on. Its only like is the fake page, and only the photo and the cover photo are alike.

Rachel real profileNot like her real account, which DOES have everything.

Plus the profile photo is off. It’s a little small, compared to the original, and the coloration is different. Like a news site edited it up to make it look a little nicer for the webpage.

And what little I can find of her writing samples on social media, the style of writing doesn’t match.

Of course, I have no absolute proof of this. This is why I’m telling you I have no absolute proof–unlike the so-called journalists who reported on the rants as if they were verified. Just enough little things don’t add up and made me suspicious. Shouldn’t a journalist have better skills for sussing out the fakes?

Dear journalists, don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. Or on Facebook.


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