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Dysfucntional Families: 10 reasons I'm grateful to be estranged during the holidays

Your husband won't have to listen to your dad's insulting "funny" jokes about you. "Man, women are so expensive!"
While I greatly miss my little siblings a lot, there are bright sides to being estranged from my family. Even during the holidays.

Vulnerability in psychiatry

Vulnerability in psychiatry
Being reliant on medicine is a sort of vulnerability that bothers me. What if the doctor decides not to refill it? What if I run out and end up coming off of it cold turkey? This particular medicine I’m on has a reputation for having notoriously bad withdrawal symptoms, which heightens my anxiety when it... Read more »

I am completely biased against some people's beliefs

A commenter on this post told me I was biased against the Duggars and their faith. Why, yes, yes I am! I’m unashamedly so. You see, while I do my best to keep an open mind about others’ beliefs and try to learn more about Islam, Judaism, various  Christian denominations, Buddhism, Hinduism, and so on,... Read more »

Purse Shaming, or, I live on meds, tea, and bandaids

My purse, house keys, and work keys. Not pictured: My phone, since it's also (one of) my camera(s).
Swirleytime convinced me to share pictures of the insides of my purse. Or maybe the glass of wine I had with dinner did. Either way, have a gander! No wonder I panic anytime I have to get more than just my phone or wallet or iPad out. And no wonder shit keeps falling out whenever... Read more »

My NaNoWriMo faceplant

My NaNoWriMo faceplant
It started so promisingly. I really wanted to do the NaNoWriMo marathon, I had an idea for a book, and I sketched out the plot in the last days of October in preparation. I kept on track with my writing for just about a week, and then a wild writer’s block appeared! I did a... Read more »