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I hauled a china cabinet home on the CTA Red Line

I was looking for perhaps some tools to tile my bathroom walls, and this looked like the closest spiritual successor to the Brown Elephant store. I found this cabinet instead. $50, and sturdy. And I can replace one of my junky Walmart bookshelves this way. I went home to think about it, and called first thing on Saturday to ask them to hold it for me.
Yep. I did. All by myself, because my husband was working and I was too impatient to wait for him. And because I was too cheap frugal to spring for the $40 delivery. You want proof? I’ll give you proof! Well, such as I could with my phone without letting go of the china cabinet... Read more »

Goodbye Lollapalooza and good riddance

Goodbye Lollapalooza and good riddance
Get off my damn lawn. Yes, it’s my lawn. And it’s my neighbors’ lawn. It’s the Loop’s lawn. And River North’s lawn. And South Loop’s lawn. Where can we go to enjoy vast expanses of turf? Certainly not in our non-existent back yards. It’s also all of Chicago’s lawns. And you damn kids tear it... Read more »

Adventures in Homeownership : Rewiring the Bathroom

Guess what? My husband and I own our condo now! Our landlady wanted to sell, and we wanted to buy, and she waited patiently and we rented dutifully until we were finally in a position to buy. Not bad for being 25. First a job, then a masters degree, then a home. But don’t get... Read more »

13 Reasons Why BuzzFeed is Wrong on this Article

13 reasons why BuzzFeed is wrong on this article, “32 Ways You Know You Grew Up in a Dysfunctional Family.” You keep using the word “dysfunctional.” I do not think it means what you think it means.   13. None of the examples indicate anything abusive. 12. They’re just funny. 11. And a little bit... Read more »

"Your dad would be so happy to see you're still under his control."

"Your dad would be so happy to see you're still under his control."
Someone said this to me recently. The person was talking about letting go and moving on. Moving on? It’s not as easy as it sounds, I thought, but I didn’t want to argue. It was not worth it, especially for someone I love and respect. I should have moved on from that conversation, but it bugged... Read more »