How not to be a jerk after the Boston Marathon bombing (or any other tragedy)

In times of tragedies, a few people become jerks, and the jerks ramp up their assholery, which is all the more amplified by social media. Seeing and hearing about these posts made me realize that maybe, just maybe, these people need a guide on how not to be a jerk.

I don’t doubt that I’ve missed some pointers–so feel free to add your own observations in the comments.

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  • I don't mean to be a jerk Holly, but people don't become jerks in times of tragedies. Jerks are always jerks. But I will agree that their assholery is amplified in times of tragedies.

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    Good point, and you're right.

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    No doubt. Right on all counts.

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    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but odds favor the attackers being muslim. Also, Islam is NOT a religion of peace - they are taught in their book of evil to kill the infadels. Theior prophet mo was a murder himself.

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    So, I am with the supposed bad posts - nuke mecca.

  • In reply to Arthur Di Lampedusa:

    Thank you very much for proving my point. Please read this (surprisingly profanity-free) post by Tim Wise, and I hope you might be better able to see the problems with jumping to conclusions and with painting an entire religion and ethnicity with a broad brush.

  • In reply to Holly:

    Hmmm... Power of Whiteness....

    I suppose that works as long as you're a liberal and registered Democrat.

    Because I'm pretty sure that if the bombing had not been jihading islamic terrorists and had been someone who had ever attended a Tea Party rally would have been crucified along with the entire Tea Party movement.

  • Brava, Madame! Well stated.

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