Update on my hacked iTunes Account

This is an update to my January post about my hacked iTunes account.

Long story short, it’s still not fixed.

I don’t know specifically who “they” are, but apparently the higher ups in Tim Cook’s office at Apple have been working on my cases for a while. They called back in January, to tell us that they were working on it.

Then they called my husband the other day while he was at work (he understands better than I do, plus I don’t always have my phone with me). They are still investigating it.

Apparently, they’re concerned that it was not a hack. They said that I could have signed my iTunes account to someone else willingly, because the person was able to guess all my security questions (as in, I told them what the answers were), in which case there’s nothing they can do about it. But they’re still investigating.

When Jeff told me, I was angry and frustrated and I felt…well, violated. My stuff was stolen, and they think it was willing. Why the heck would I willingly give my account to someone else? Like hell I’d give it to my parents or my brother. If I wanted to share songs with a friend, I’d just send them an iTunes gift. The only person who knew how to access my iTunes is my husband, and that’s just to help me.

They won’t tell us who the hacker is. I can respect the need to protect the privacy of people–I’m a librarian after all–but it does make it harder for me to help them. Who is it? Then I can <strikethrough>break their legs</strikethrough> tell them if I had ever met the person at one point, or if they’re complete strangers, or if they’re friends with certain antagonists of mine, just to try to figure out how the hell they managed to gain access to my account to steal stuff. I want to help them to the fullest extent I can, hell, I’d be glad to let them take a look at my Facebook friends list to see if the person has any relation to me.

Thing is, recently Apple acknowledged that they had extremely weak iTunes security, and instituted two-step secure access for any changes to the iTunes account. There was a flaw that let people reset passwords without actually needing to answer security questions, that led to pretty easy hacks of accounts, whereupon they could take over accounts.

This is exactly why I was a bit irritated at what the Apple guys told my husband. Apple screwed up, and they’re blaming me? I’m sorry, I’ve endured that far too often from my father to take that sort of excuse from Apple. Jeff didn’t think about it at the time, but the next time they call, he is going to bring up their epic security fail with them.

So, the saga is not over yet.

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