Wake up, my BOWL is EMPTY! - a Caturday story

Wake up, my BOWL is EMPTY! - a Caturday story

My cat, Joe, is a perfect alarm clock. He’s the alarm clock that you can’t press “snooze” on. It’s not the kind of alarm you can learn to sleep through.

He starts off with licking. He licks my chin, my nose, my cheeks, my arm and hands. If I try to ignore him, he starts nibbling. It’s like a momma cat bite: firm enough to “teach” you, but it doesn’t hurt or draw blood. Mistletoe does that, too. (Pumpkin prefers the “bear claw” of bites that does cause pain.)

If I ignore that, he might start biting a little bit harder. Once he actually caused minor bite marks on my face, and I pushed him away firmly like the girl cats do to him. I think he knew it was wrong–he acted sorry while I was getting ready for work, and hasn’t done that in a while.

On weekends, sometimes I’ll get up to give the cats food so I can sleep in longer, but nooo….that doesn’t satisfy Joe-boy. He wants ME up. He wants to PLAY.

If we keep ignoring him, he jumps up on the bookcase and starts ripping paper. *rip* and looks at us. *rip.* Looks at us. *Rip rip rip.* Looks at us.

I can’t hear him (ha ha! nice thing about being deaf!) so Jeff ends up tossing him out of the bedroom unceremoniously and shutting the door.

However, the punctual alarm clock cat has saved me from being late to work, thank goodness. He’ll wake me up at 5:16 am, and I’ll realize that I forgot to turn on my alarm. So, no matter how annoying or painful he may be in his efforts to wake me up, I still appreciate it. Even on the weekends.


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