Reconnecting with relatives

A couple days ago I wrote about how there’s no blueprint of what to do with the relatives, when your immediate family is screwed up. I wrote the email immediately after I posted that article. Somehow, writing that article helped me figure out how to write the email.

Yesterday, on the train ride home from work, I got the response. I cried–tears of both happiness and grief. I normally shy away from showing much emotion in public, but I didn’t care that I had silent tears roll down my cheeks. I was able to reconnect with a relative. I found out that my relative doesn’t give a fig about what my father might do. And I found out my nephew’s name.

My therapist was right. I don’t need to carry the weight of the world. I have no means of control over my father’s behavior–and it’s impossible to know what exactly he will do with him being disordered.

And because I trusted her insight, I emailed. And because I emailed and she emailed back, my family grew larger.

There’s the family I was born into. And then there’s the family that I make, with friends, acquaintances, blood and non-blood relatives. The latter is what I would call the “true” family. A family built on trust and love.

Someday, my family will grow when my husband and I are ready for children. And I hope and pray that someday my family will grow larger when my siblings grow up and are ready to reconnect with me. But for now, I have my friends and my current family.

Dang. I’m trying not to cry at work from happiness. That strange, sweet mix of happiness amid grief.

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  • I'm so happy for you! Maybe this relative can let your young siblings know that you are thinking about them.

  • In reply to Tracy A. Stanciel:

    Thanks, Tracy! Totally meant to reply to you earlier, but somehow the weekend made my time disappear :)

    I think this relative might be able to let them know. At the very least, she'll be glad to connect the little ones with me whenever they're ready.

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