Where are the good Chicago ice cream shops?

Where are the good Chicago ice cream shops?
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Ever since I moved to Chicago with my husband, I have been seriously craving some good, homemade ice cream. There are some days when Breyers or even the pints of fancy ice cream just doesn’t cut it.

Chicago peeps, I ask you, which ice cream shop can compare with the rich, creamy eCreamery ice cream?

I used to live within walking distance of eCreamery. I’d look at their Flavors of The Day list during slow moments in class in my undergrad, crave it, and go get it. Ever since I tried eCreamery, no commercial ice cream or ice cream shop can compare. Okay, there was one in Fort Collins that was pretty darn good. But I don’t live there, either.

Jeff and I went to eCreamery when we were dating. We went there to celebrate our engagement…and a few days later we went there to drown my sorrows when I was disowned. Sometimes I stored some pints in my in-laws’ freezer just so I had it on hand while working on school.

I know, I know, eCreamery can ship ice cream, but $50 bucks for 4 pints is a bit steep. I’m saving that purchase for perhaps a special occasion. Or when I win a million bucks, then I can pester them to open a satellite office in Chicago. Or for whenever I visit Omaha, then I can see friends AND have my ice cream, too.

There are some days when I really wish I had good ice cream, though. Homemade, fresh (ie, not in one of those cardboard barrels), and consistently good every time, with a variety of flavors. I don’t mind it if it’s a bit stretchier ice cream (not quite soft serve) like at Ted and Wally’s, but I do prefer it when it has a firm texture.

Do any Chicagoans know what I’m talking about? And can you help a gal out with her summer ice cream cravings?

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  • Ever since I visited Italy, I've preferred gelato over traditional ice cream. But finding good gelato is probably harder than finding good ice cream in Chicago (Paciugo in lakeview and Black Dog Gelato in ukranian village are incredible). I would actually consider taking a trip back to Italy just to go to this one gelato place in Florence (and to also find that one amazingly attractive Italian girl I met during a night of alcohol-fueled tomfoolery).

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    Thanks, gwill! I love gelato, too-- which something else I used to have at eCreamery. I don't know how it compares to true Italian gelato, but it sure is delicious. I will have to try out those two places. Thanks again for the recommendation!

  • Try iCream on north Milwaukee. They make a homemade bowl of exactly what you want just for you with liquid notrogen and a KitchenAid. It may not be eCreamery but it's pretty darn delish.

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    Head up to Homers in Wilmette. You wont find the ultra creative flavors but it's really good, homemade ice cream. I'm a Ted & Wally's fan myself but I haven't tried ecreamery yet so I can't fairly compare. Also, there was a place in Andersonville called George's that was good too, though not exactly freshly homemade.

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