There's a reason why people run with dogs, not cats

There's a reason why people run with dogs, not cats
Running with a cat went about as well as you might expect.

My fantastic landlady/pilot/author extraordinaire asked me to take a picture of myself running so she can help me promote my fundraising cause for PAWS Chicago. I decided to take a more creative step, and pose with Joe, a PAWS alumnus (shelter name: Winchell. He was one of our fosters until we fell in love with him…) After all, what could be more perfect than wearing a PAWS singlet and carrying somekitty who benefited from PAWS’s no-kill mission, right? It sounds perfect! And out of our three cats, Joe is the one who is most likely to enjoy being outside.

So we thought. Running with a cat went about as well as you might expect. Even when it’s posed “running.” There’s a reason why PAWS does “Fun Runs” with shelter dogs, and not shelter cats.

See? Totally fake running. For one thing, I’m smiling. For another, I’m leaning too far forward because I don’t want to drop Joe, who refused to be held and who thought it was safer to be on my neck.

He was a really good boy with the harness, though. We’ve put it on him before…but each and every time we try to have him wear a harness for whatever reason, he flops over onto his side as if he was paralyzed. He most certainly was not paralyzed, as scratches on my chest and back can prove.

My husband was very fast with the photos, and after just a couple of minutes, we went back home. Joe was relieved, I think.

He’s completely recovered from the ‘trauma’ of being outdoors, and we gave him a ton of hugs and kisses. Lesson learned that no, indoor cats do not like being outside. No doubt other cats (and dogs) don’t like being in the care of Animal Care and Control, let alone being homeless. PAWS is fabulously efficient with their finances, run a clean and tight ship, and really do care for the animals’ well-being by having a cage-less adoption center.

If you could help me raise money for PAWS, so they can save more cats like Joe (or dogs, too), I would really appreciate it. It’s a small goal in the grand scheme of things, but they can help save the lives of so many animals with that money. Otherwise I would feel more tempted to adopt more cats, you know? Help keep me from being a crazy cat lady!

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    You're doing such a great thing Holly! I would love them all. :) And then I can decide. Thank you so much. Keep running!

  • Your post brought back memories of a cat my roommate and I had years ago. She walked without a leash and would just follow us.

    One day we got the brilliant idea to take her to the beach. All went well until she walked into the men's bathroom and wouldn't come out! Finally a guy came along and we asked him if he would go in there and get her. He was skeptical at first, but he shooed her out for us.

    I don't know how you foster. I would be keeping every one of them!

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