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NATO security in Chicago: Too much, just right, or not enough?

Oy. I don’t know what to expect with NATO. Or the protesters. Or how exactly the 100-some motorcades to and from O’Hare are going to affect traffic. Or all the road closures. Take a look at some of the road closures here: Yeah. It’s going to be a pain in the butt…literally, from sitting down... Read more »

Back, sadness, back! Depression, you shall not pass!

Back, sadness, back! Depression, you shall not pass!
Joyful thing for Mother’s Day, I know. I’m a mixed bag of emotions right now. I went to church with my husband this morning, which was nice. Then we went for a walk in this warm sun before he worked. On my way home, I walked at a slow steady pace, like my therapist taught... Read more »

Mother's Day: An appreciation for the mothers in my life

In this post, I want thank the women who make Mother’s Day still worth celebrating. While my mom did teach me some good things, like patience and how to cook, I didn’t have that good of an example of what married life is, or what a healthy family was really like. There are a number... Read more »

Marriage Equality and the Church

When I saw people on the ChicagoNow Facebook page acting hateful to Siblingless of “Being Catholic…Really,” because of her post about gay marriage, I had to say something. I told Siblingless this on her blog, but I’m putting it here so my readers can see it, too, since it does share my views on legal... Read more »

Mother's Day: A Lament

If you’ve read some of my past posts, you might know that my parents were a mixed bag. My dad…yeah. he’s got something wrong, and it’s hard to specify exactly what. Perhaps he’s a borderline? Certainly a narcissist. And definitely controlling. Names aside, he certainly is a troubled soul, and my soul is troubled over... Read more »

Hearing Aids: Are they really a "lifestyle" device?

Seriously, hearing aids are viewed as a “lifestyle” device by insurance companies, while cochlear implants are more analogous to a pacemaker. Can you believe it? Insurance often covers cochlear implants and new processors, but they don’t cover hearing aids. Or very rarely do they ever. Just because it’s a lifestyle choice. I tell you, it’s... Read more »

Keeping faith during times of trial

I haven’t written anything for my Becoming Episcopalian subcategory on this blog in a while, so I feel a bit guilty for that. Is that the stereotypical Catholic guilt, or is that just me? I just didn’t think I was “good enough” to write anything lately. If you’ve happened to read some of my other... Read more »

Recovery: One step forward, one step backward, one step forward...

This week has been kind of strange. I started off feeling out of sorts after counseling, when I wrote my post about deafness. Afterward writing it, I felt freed from that memory, and it was so nice being able to connect with other deaf people and deaf allies, especially those of us who have struggled... Read more »