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Progress: slowly but surely

Today sucks because it’s rainy, cloudy, and chilly, so in an effort to look on the bright side, I realized several instances of small progress. Gay marriage, for one. That’s the biggest one. Ruled unconstitutional by a couple of judges within a circuit. Republican judges, at that, which automatically earns my admiration not because they’re... Read more »

Update on counseling

After my last post, I felt I should follow up on it. Counseling went well on Saturday. I really didn’t want to be there, the same way frequent hospital patients don’t want to go back to the hospital. It’s so nice to just pretend everything is okay, instead of subjecting oneself to possible additional pain,... Read more »

Too honest with others, not honest with myself

Sometimes I wonder if I’m too honest to others. I speak about growing up with abuse with such frankness, sometimes, that I wonder if it overwhelms people.And sometimes I’m not honest with myself. I still try to suppress (consciously? unconsciously?) some of my memories. I whitewash it to make it seem not as bad. Just... Read more »

Becoming Episcopalian: Mass Exodus from the Catholic Church

One out of every 10 Americans is an ex-Catholic. If they were a separate denomination, they would be the third-largest denomination in the United States, after Catholics and Baptists. One of three people who were raised Catholic no longer identifies as Catholic. The National Catholic Reporter had a nice article breaking down the reasons why... Read more »

Yes, I am THAT kind of librarian

Yes, I am THAT kind of librarian
This is my 99th post on my ChicagoNow blog. To celebrate being not quite a centenarian blogger, I’m going to show you pictures of my cats. And I am going to make a gentle plea for donations for PAWS Chicago, through my marathon fundraising page. I’m at $220 and the goal is $ it possible... Read more »

CPD kept NATO protesters off balance

Exactly what I was talking about in my post yesterday! The police department have been quite amazing through all of this. Even the protesters say so.

Thank you, Chicago Police Department

Dear CPD (and visiting police from other cities), Thank you for doing a great job during NATO. Seriously. I’m not being sarcastic. You have shown incredible restraint regarding the protesters. It’s quite obvious that you were taking care not to escalate the defense measures too soon. I’m glad you saw what we all saw: some... Read more »

5 Phrases Christians Shouldn't Say

There are some phrases that are worse than curse words. These phrases can be insulting, emotionally and spiritually coercive, or just make us come across as incredibly insensitive. . Hat tip to Episcopal Cafe for sharing a link to Reluctant Xtian’s excellent post about “5 Phrases I Think Christians Shouldn’t Say.” Here are his five... Read more »

Becoming Episcopalian: NATO Protests in Chicago

So, Bishop Lee sent out an email and made a post about NATO, encouraging us all to pray for the dignitaries and for the protesters. He included a nice prayer: Grant, O God, that your holy and life-giving Spirit may so move every human heart, and especially the hearts of the leaders who gather now... Read more »

Shit hearing people say to deaf people

Hearing people sometimes say crazy things to deaf people, especially deaf people who have some hearing or wear hearing aids. Here’s a list of the ones I can remember–and I will add more as I hear more. And please, please, share your own “Shit hearing people say” story in the comments! I will make another... Read more »