Running for the F*¢%!^9 bus

Missing the bus is an absolutely wonderful way to start a Monday. So is running futilely for it.  On the plus side, I made it to work on time.

On the negative side, I paid $21 for a cab. But on the plus side, I did make it to work on time.

I suppose another positive way to look at it is that I did my running today. Right? Nothing like some forced running before work. And it does make me glad for the proliferation of taxi cabs in Chicago. And it makes me glad I start commuting really early in the morning so there’s plenty of empty cabs. That’s the thing. Sometimes every single car you see is a cab during rush hours, and every single cab is FULL.

I made it to my bus stop early. So did the other regular riders on this particular time on this particular route. And we waited. We checked our emails. One other guy was reading his e-book. Then I saw the bus out of the corner of my eye, looked up, and the bus frigging kept on going.

The driver might have slowed down a tiny bit, you know, one of those rolling stops so the bus stays on time? Except the bus wasn’t late. And had no chance of being late. And it was not really a true “rolling stop.”

The drivers are usually far more careful about this. Eye-contact, driving slowly by with the doors open so people can hear the announcement, whatever. As long as they make a reasonable attempt to verify that the waiting people aren’t going to need the bus.

This driver didn’t do that. And my fellow bus-riders didn’t notice until I took off running after it. My shift starts early. I can’t miss the bus. The other alternatives would make me late to work, so that was definitely not an option. Not a train-bus combo. Not Metra. Not another bus.

The next stop was two blocks away, and I was running. I tell you, I impressed myself. Running in a long ankle-length skirt and not-running-shoes shoes, and with a backpack full of lunch and school materials on my back, and when I haven’t run in a while?

I so nearly made it, but the light turned green and the bus kept on going.

I had to effing take a cab. It was a $16ish fare, and because I can’t do math on the go (really, I’m bad at math in general) I just told the driver to put $5 as tip. It was only when he seemed really appreciative about the tip that I realized it was a huge percentage. Oops.

And you know how cabs usually get you places faster than buses? By the time we got to where I was going, that was when we finally caught up to the bus. Seriously. The bus was as fast as a cab. Slightly faster.

I’m still a little aggravated that I had to take a cab ride, but in perspective, this is the first time in the two years I’ve lived here that I’ve had to take a cab due to something like this. Still, it was definitely something I let the CTA know about. They have a handy dandy feedback form here: I love it. I’ve used it before to give positive feedback, and I think this is the first time I’ve given negative feedback.

I don’t care about getting that $21 back–mostly I care about not having to miss the bus due to driver error.

Or perhaps not for another two years. Please.


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